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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering
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Nashville Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering


Building signage has become an important part of running a business and that’s where channel letters/dimensional letters stand out as a viable option.

Nashville Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205A channel letter sign is intriguing because it can be personalized while remaining fully versatile. A business can put together a seamless solution that is in line with their vision using channel letters. This is a great way to customize a sign and make sure it’s built for your needs.

Image Life Signs & Graphics is the number one provider of world-class Nashville business signs and is committed to offering exceptional service.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignOne of the most sought-after storefront signs would be the channel letter sign. With channel letters, it’s all about 3D signs that are built using customized metal elements. These can include items such as images, numbers, letters, and symbols. For those who want something secure and aligned, these signs can be a dream come true. They’re equipped with a unique backing frame that can be placed right against a building. The sign has a robust acrylic top that can be adjusted based on what the client needs. This can have a unique look and/or color based on what’s required.

For a business, it’s easy to go ahead and pick up a sign that is going to have a specific logo, slogan, name, or anything else associated with the brand. This makes it easy to manage the signage and make sure it looks exactly as it’s supposed to. Clients are able to go with something that’s hand-formed and is going to portray a particular image/icon without a problem. This can include a custom font too.

This is why Nashville, TN channel letter signs have become a popular option for grocery stores, retail stores, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, churches, and numerous other institutions.

Dimension Letters

Storefront SignChannel letter signs aren’t the only option available to clients. It’s possible to go with dimensional letter signs, which are made of custom elements. With channel letters, the emphasis goes towards an empty channel for illumination. However, dimension letters offer a solid solution that is made of metal, acrylic, or other materials. These letters come in various styles, fonts, sizes, and thickness based on what the client needs. This can give the sign a fully customized appearance that’s a few inches deep.

This Image Life Signs & Graphics is well-regarded for offering robust dimension letter signs and customizes each one for your brand and its requirements.

These signs are ideal for a number of settings including retail, malls, manufacturing, offices, and more.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignChannel letter signs can look even better with the inclusion of beautiful LED lighting. This is a high-tech option for those who want a visible sign in all conditions (rain, snow, nighttime, fog). It is one of our biggest strengths as we take LED lighting seriously for those who want a secure sign. Everything is installed with purpose and looks immaculate.

For those who are running a business during the nighttime, it’s possible to enjoy a backlit channel letter that pops out. It’s a great way to bring in new customers on a daily basis.

A few examples of lighting signs working out well would be in theaters, nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, convenience stores, comedy clubs, and gas stations. It can be a difference maker.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

We are a committed Nashville commercial signage company that aims to offer world-class products, quick turn times, and a comprehensive experience from start to finish. This is an ideal fit for those who want a long-term signage partner that can help every step of the way.

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